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The Respectus Panis® method, what’s this ?

A different approach to bread making
(low seeding and long fermentation at room temperature).

In practice

This method is based on ancestral bread-making processes and adds innovative current data relating to consumer health. Recipes stamped “Respectus Panis®” recommend a reduction in the time and intensity of kneading (or even, for some, kneading by hand), a reduction in the dosages of leavens and salt, fermentation of the dough an ambient temperature of 16°C (where current processes leave the dough to rest in a cold room) for a period of 15 hours, all using native flour.

This method formatted and recommended by the method of Ambassadeurs du Pain aims to be more economical, to be accessible to all bakers and to guarantee optimal taste to the consumer while being more respectful of health and the environment (less consumption of raw materials, energy, additives…).

To learn more about the principles of the method, visit “Ambassadeurs du Pain” website.

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RESPECTUS PANIS® revelation of bread making is a work highlighting a new approach to bread making.
(source : “Ambassadeurs du Pain” website.)