When a baker meets a farmer…

Bread made with Norman flour

Since the beginning of the year, we have favored short circuits on all the products we purchase. For flours, we want to work with local producers and reduce intermediaries.
We work with Guillaume Sébire, a farmer based in Ryes and with Mr. Lecam, a real miller in Vire.
We went to harvest with Guillaume. An extraordinary moment. It all makes sense! During the harvest, Guillaume and his father Guy surprised Christophe : for his wheat, they had reserved his grandfather’s old plots with which he was already harvesting. A nice touch.

Working with a baker, a challenge for the farmer

Guillaume Sébire has been a farmer for 10 years in Ryes. He takes up the challenge alongside us to create a short circuit between the farmer – the miller and Capucine bakery. It’s also a bet for him! He must adapt and change his habits to be able to supply us and send the wheat to the miller.
“It’s a satisfaction to work locally and know that my wheat, then the flour, is then used in particular in the making of croissants!”